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Masqueraders are the center of carnival. They bring the colours, they bring the vibes, they bring pure joy, vibrant smiles, and beautiful faces for day full of long-lasting memories. Masqueraders are the ones who make carnival as beautiful an experience as it is.

Costume collection is when it fully sinks in to the masquerader that carnival is just days away and the excitement builds. Part of that excitement is seeing what fun extra items are included in their costume box from their section leader as part of their carnival experience.

Whether you want to gift kits to your frontline masqueraders, the masqueraders who pay off their costume in advance or your whole section as thank you for continued support, there are GLITTERALLY a million reasons a bulk order of costume-specific kits is exactly what you need this carnival season.  Contact us by filling out the form below to contribute to taking the masquerader costume collection experience to the next level by gifting them a Carnival Makeup Kit!

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