Join the Team

A group of Kittn’s is called a (g)litter....
MEOW that we have your attention… Who are the Kitt’ns, you ask?


A Carnival Makeup Kitt’n is a certified cMk Brand Ambassador. It means not only do you love Carnival culture, but you’re excited by opportunities to show your love through makeup artistry. As a Kitt’n you will effortlessly serve face, as a face of the cMk brand! You will be connecting with our team of band and section leaders, masqueraders, carnival influencers, bloggers, MUAs and other business partners by demonstrating your novice, intermediate or expert MUA skills for all to see. Your work can be featured on our social media platforms, our website or even during a live demonstration! Our Kitt’ns will have access to exclusive members-only product pricing, promotional opportunities, and many more exciting perks!


With more than thirty carnivals around the world, millions of attendees and masqueraders, and thousands of thriving carnival businesses, carnival is here to stay and cMk is ready to grow! Carnival Makeup Kitt’ns are personable, outgoing, fearless and creative.


Sound like you? Well, we’d love to talk to you! Contact us with your details here!