Who We Are

Carnival Makeup Kits (cMk) is a family business and as such, carnival is in our DNA and our culture is our foundation! Being immersed in the carnival culture inspired us to create an experience for masqueraders based on our own experiences. We take the most important items one needs to prep themselves for their exciting day ahead and put them together in a convenient kit. It is our mission to eliminate the stress of shopping around for numerous items by conveniently offering professionally selected makeup and accessories in one place. Whether our clients choose to customize their own kit or select a professionally pre-assembled kit, we simplify the selection process by offering everything our clients need but sometimes forget on their big day.. We at Carnival Makeup Kits understand how hectic carnival can be.  With our determination to provide easy-going preparation for masqueraders, our name is not only synonymous with Carnival but also with being trailblazers in providing eye-catching looks that set our clients apart. We GLITTERALLY do it all for our Kitt’ns!

About Ayisha

Ayisha is the brainchild behind the cMk brand. Throughout her 20 year MUA career, she has represented luxury brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior.  She decided to celebrate her love for Carnival and her West Indian culture by using her industry experience to create a brand centered around this love. During a (year) Toronto Carnival season, it was just her selling a few makeup accessories at a table, and since then cMk has grown into a business that has become the one-stop shop for masqueraders’ makeup looks and accessories.  With an undying passion for all things makeup and Carnival, Ayisha’s keen eye and distinctive expertise adds the perfect touch to the Carnival experience.


About Chanel

Chanel is cMk’s first and most dedicated fan!. Born and raised a certified Carnival baby, she has invested in all aspects of the business from inception to present day. To her, this brand represents the spirit, beauty and heart of Carnival. As the Director of Business Development and Financial Management she spearheads initiatives that force cMk to re-invent themselves at every opportunity. She recognizes that Carnival is about the freedom to be oneself, spread love and get on bawd! Quite frankly she not only recommends doing all the above she actively encourages it.

About Jenelle

Jenelle spearheads the marketing as well as business operations for cMk. With over 12 years of advertising and marketing experience, Jenelle brings a great deal of industry experience and business acumen to cMk. She handles anything from coordinating day-to-day business operations, to developing and executing marketing plans, to solidifying new business opportunities and partnerships. A carnival baby true and through, Jenelle enjoys traveling to numerous carnivals annually and she draws from her extensive experiences to help help grow cMks reach.